Yesterday I made a 3 pound chocolate truffle cake for the princess of Arabia. I was pressured because they ordered it on spot. The In Suite Dining (room service) pastry chef just asked me to make a truffle cake with no rum on the syrup. when he saw the cake he was surprised of the result. then he told the sous chefs in the kitchen that its perfect.. i feeling is so good if someone appreciates your things.

Every morning, I make some desserts for Espressamente Illy, its a coffee shop in grand canal; for Imperial as well, its a casino outlet; and for Bar Florian, its the cake shop in the casino. 3 of us are doing it 1 Malaysian lady and 1 Malaysian guy. After Lunch, we do some production for buffets, for the outlets, set up buffets, etc. The function rooms are far from the kitchen. it would take about a 7 or 8 min walk.and we pull heavy trolleys full of desserts… i accept it as an exercise. If there would be a set dinner, we plate about 600 to 3,500 desserts. and for buffets, the maximum pax we handled was 15,500. we refill the station every 3 mins..