I just started graveyard shift last Saturday. I didn’t know , i would be all by myself. I was just so confident since the forecast for the room service meals that night is just 10 covers. We serve food 24hrs a day by the way. I had a lot of prep to do for the next day but i said 8hrs of work would finish everything in a flash. i came in at 10 and so i started cooking staff meal for the employees working overnight (dishwashers, security, housekeepers, etc) when suddenly the machine that spits out the tickets for orders started screaming. Orders keep coming all night long. Iwas slammed (term we use when were hit by a lot of orders.) I just prayed: “Lord please help me.. Lord please help me”. the tickets for the room service stopped at 4am. I was super short of time to finish my prep before the morning crew came in. i had to double my pace and even though I was working fast, i still finished at 8am. Morning crew came in at 5am. so i was late. i was so depressed since i was not able to provide what they needed. While i was doing my prep, i kept in my mind that i did 40 covers that night since i was really busy. Then the chef came in shook my hand and told me that dinner that night served 70 covers with the complete team. i did a 110 covers that overnight all by myself. He was very impressed with me, r my first night overnight and alone. I was able to do that with perfection (the temperatures for the meats perfect, salads perfect, sandwhiches perfect, etc) that was why the morning crew did not say anything when i had not yet finished with my prep. I was the man of the hour that night. A lot of my coworkers said that it was a miracle I survived that night. Others would have panicked and quit right there and then. it was really a miracle.