20 4-hour sessions on Fridays and Saturdays (7:30-11:30) Total duration 80 hours, Minimun participants to open the course 6 Maximum participants per class 15

This course is intended for family members and /or household staff who will cook for families.
The course will tackle the preparation of everyday meals as well as specialty dishes for family celebrations and for guests.

Session  1  and 2 
:: Kitchen Aesthetics
:: Preventing accidents in the kitchen
:: Kitchen tools and proper use.
:: Blenders and food processors
:: Ovens  and cookers
:: Knives and other kitchen gadgets

Session 3
:: Food Safety and Sanitation
:: Kitchen housekeeping including waste minimization and garbage disposal

Session 4 and 5 Understanding ingredients , preparation techniques and storage
:: Meat, fish and poultry
:: Fruits and vegetables
:: Herbs and spices
:: Condiments and seasonings
:: Processed food

Session 6 Soups and sauces
:: Kinds of soups, preparation of various soup recipes
:: Sauces and their applications
:: Preparation of basic sauces (white sauce, brown sauce and gravy, tomato-based sauce)
:: Use of thickening agents

Session 7 :Rice Dishes
:: Pilaf
:: Rissoto
:: Paella
:: Fried Rice
:: Steamed rice
:: Congee
:: Sweet rice

Session 8:Pasta
:: Cooking dried pasta
:: Asian Noodle dishes
:: Fresh pasta making
:: Pasta sauces

Session 9: Potatoes
:: Fries and chips
:: Mashed potatoes
:: Baked potatoes
:: Other potato preparations and recipes

Session 10: Baking
:: Cookies
:: Muffin
:: Cake
:: Bread

Session 11: Vegetable cookery
:: Salad
:: Salad dressings (mayonnaise, vinaigrettes and variations)
:: Sautéed vegetable dishes
:: Steamed vegetable dishes
:: Frying vegetables
:: Boiled vegetable dishes

Sessions 12 and 13: Meat Dishes
:: Preparation techniques
Trussing, larding. Barding. Searing,.
Carry over cooking
:: Broiling and Grilling Methods
:: Sauces and gravies
:: Boiled meat dishes
:: Sreamed meat dishes
:: Casseroles

Session 14: Cooking with fats
:: Saute method and application in specific dishes
:: Stir-fry method and application in specific dishes
:: Pan-fry method and application in specific dishes
:: Deep fry method
:: Sauté meat, fish and poultry and vegetables
:: Pan fry meat, fish, poultry and vegetables
:: Deep fry meat, fish and poultry, vegetables

Session 15: Moist Cooking Methods
:: Similarities and differences : poach, simmer, boil, steaming
:: Dish applications for poaching, simmering and boiling and steaming

Session 16: Braising and Stewing
:: Braised meat and poultry dishes
:: Braising and Roasting combinations
:: Application in chicken /turkey roasting
:: Stewed meat and poultry dishes
:: Vegetable and starch side dishes

Session 17 Preparing sandwiches and packed lunches

Session 18 Preparing a menu. Factors to consider

Session 19 Setting the table and serving food
:: For individual
:: For a family
:: For larger crowds

Session 20 Final evaluation
:: Party presentation with invited guests of participants.

(Note: Dishes to demonstrate the techniques may vary depending on the request of participants for specific recipes.)

Fee is inclusive of ingredients.

Required attire: White shirt with sleeves and medium length skirt or pants (No shorts and tight jeans allowed) closed shoes ( no open toed foot wear is allowed in the kitchen)
White aprons and head caps will be provided for use in the kitchen.
Certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the module.